Tapping increasingly widespread and not a new issue in the world of telecommunications. You can be the target of tapping. Apparently not many people know that there is a simple way to check whether a smartphone intercepted or compromised by foreign parties.

Here are five signs of a mobile phone has been tapped:

1. Performance smartphone problematic.
Feel there is a problem in the performance of smartphones, such as the performance is increasingly slowing down? Sometimes the problem can be solved by performing a number of ways, such as cleaning the cache or delete unused amount of data. Only, sometimes the solution is not borne fruit. One of the possible causes is not aware of malware that is in the device. If true, the malware can access basic information including cutting message traffic in a device. Data required to perform the process that makes the performance is slower.

2. Consumption of Data Overload
There was denied, most of the applications in the smartphone requires Internet network to run optimally. To that end, smartphone users are always trying to connect to the Internet, either by your mobile network or Wi-Fi. However, users should also be able to monitor the use of data consumption in a given period. The reason, excessive data consumption and not according to their use to be one characteristic there is a problem in the smartphone. If you do not locate the source of problems that may occur, such as an application running or internet tethering, there is the possibility that others are ‘ride’ Internet traffic.

3. Battery lavish
Smartphone battery that quickly drains may be a regular problem for some users. In addition to the use of a variety of applications, a battery that is outdated or problematic is known can not last long. But keep in mind, battery drain can be a sign of your smartphone might had been infiltrated by a third party. Battery power is depleted faster without excessive usage is a condition caused malware. Nevertheless, it could not hurt to ensure the possibility of other causes, such as checking the applications running in the background.

4. Applications Suddenly Installed
Almost the majority of smartphone users certainly aware of the applications and screen display devices, but it does not mean eliminating the risk of malicious apps arrival. In some cases, the attacker was successfully installed the app without the user’s knowledge. Sometimes an application that is not displayed on the smartphone screen, but can run in the background. For that, consider also the currently running application and see if there are any unusual application to ensure your device is fine.

5. Messages Strange
Interfere with or spam messages can also be one of the indicators to determine a device has been successfully infiltrated by foreign parties.Therefore, as much as possible to not simply ignore the message that suddenly appears and contain characters, numbers, or random symbols. Attacks by short message is usually committed by perpetrators of cyber crime. In fact, if it managed to infiltrate into the victim, the attacker can send a message without being noticed by the victim. Messages sent it can sometimes be a gap to attack other victims were taken based on the contact’s first victim. To note that the messages were sent from your device, and see if there is a message sent without the user’s consent.

To note, Apple and Google already have a filtering system. First ensuring a secure application before thrown into the market. Also, always be cautious when opening links or messages from obscure sources to prevent intruders could access your device.