Google’s latest GoogleArtificial Intelligence(A.I.)is now fun for friends who want to create graphic design, but have no talent for drawing or making shapes.Because,any kind of graffiti that we torehkan, can instantly turn into a good illustration.Interesting right?

AutoDraw can directly try friends on the page me,it helps if we need a quick draw.For example when you want to create an invitation, add illustrations, or give an interesting accent while social media.

Google launches AutoDraw today, a continuation of the Quick Picture game experiment, Draw! Which is also on the Google AI page.Experiments. We are asked to draw an object quickly. When the machine is Quick,Draw!Can recognize our image,meaning our picture is sufficient in accordance with the general description of the object.

Friends can try all of their own experiments on the page while playing and help with Google’s development. Yes, help the development!Because, when playing games,not just the fun that we get, Google’s machine will also remember the shapes and patterns that we make to be stored. This can educatethe AI ​​engine.Google is so that when someone draws the same pattern, the image can be recognized by the machine.Included also, so that the image of our doodles in AutoDraw more quickly recognizable machine. Interesting isn’t it?