If it has previously been confirmed that a giant robot battle similar to Gundam,Megabots Mk. III and Kurata will take place in August,so this time Megabots reveals another robot will participate.It turns out a company called GREATMETAL from China,will become a third player with the name of robot taken from the legend”Monkey King”.

Definitely make the show even more exciting!This is confirmed when founder and co-founder Megabots, visited China some time ago.They also had a picture with Monkey King. In addition, the making ofMonkeyKing has also been uploaded inside the Megabots channel.

Monkey King is on display at G-Festival, Beijing National Stadium,adjacent to MegabotsMk. II, which when friends follow theMegabot channel, has been “destroyed” as experimental material.

Not yet certain what the main advantage of this Monkey King. When viewed physically, Monkey King’s height is estimated at 15 feet, weighing 12,000lb or 5400kg. In the video,it is only shown that MonkeyKing can turn into apes or stand like humans.And only armed baton in the back.

Will MonkeyKing win against Kurata who has sophisticated computercontrols? Or win against Megabots Mk.III with Tank legs and a big knife in his hand?Let’s wait for the show in August.