World's Largest Cruise Ship

Unlike the battleship or aircraft carrier that was used for military activities in defending the sovereignty of a country. The yacht is a luxury ship that is used for trips, in which filled with luxuries. The presence of the yacht is still a trend favorable world. The larger the size of the vessel, the greater the luxury inside. This certainly will affect rental prices climb aboard the luxury. There are many luxury yachts in the world, but what about the large size? Here is the largest cruise ships in the world, which has been summarized from various sources.

World’s Largest Cruise Ship :

  • MS Allure of the Seas
    MS Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship that was built with advanced technology, this ship is able to accommodate passengers reached 1385 people. The luxury ship is equipped with 25 restaurants, has 2000 crew who are already experts in charge of shipping. MS Allure of the Seas was built by Royal Caribbean International Company in 2006. The vessel is considered to be the largest cruise ship in the world with a length of 360 meters, and a height of 360 meters.
  • Oasis of The Seas
    Oasis of the Seas is a cruise ship next entry as one of the largest cruise ship. This ship is still considered the big brother of the ship above. This is because the ship had a difference a few inches above only by boat. Oasis of the Seas can accommodate as many as 6,000 passengers. There are a variety of luxurious amenities inside it like a nightclub, a swimming pool, bar, mini-golf, volleyball courts, and much more. The ship is expected to reach 1.4 billion dollars.
  • Freedom of The Seas
    This ship was never occupy the top positions in the world’s largest cruise ship, prior to the construction of both ships above. This luxury yacht has a luxurious facilities in it like a 3D cinema, water park, WiFi, and many other luxury amenities. Freedom of the Seas is capable of carrying passengers 4600 people, including the crew. Costs incurred to build luxury ship is 800 million dollars. This luxury ship built by the Royal Caribbean International, as well as the second ship above.

  • Liberty of The Seas
    The ship has almost the same place with the ship Freedom of the Seas. Liberty of the Seas is capable of carrying passengers as many as 3634 people. Besides this yacht has a luxurious facilities such as the three boats at the top, while the length of the vessel reaches 338.9 meters with a weight reached 154 407 tonnes. The ship was built in 2007 by The Royal Caribbean International.
  • Independence of the Seas
    The Royal Caribbean International is the owner of the Independence of the Seas. Capacity owned by luxury yachts are approximately 5710 people, including the crew. This ship was able to sail 40 km per hour in European seas. For entertainment there are sports facilities, shopping, swimming pools, and so forth. The vessel length is 339 meters with a weight reached 154 407 tonnes.

Thus the discussion about the world’s largest cruise ships, the ships are built using advanced technologies given that there are various facilities in it.