tecAll human beings on earth would agree that technology has brought about significant changes in people’s lives. The new technology not only contributes to everyday life and make things easier, but practically can change the way we live.

From learning how to drive, or even how to build a house, a new dimension of human technology to interact with his world at this time. how technology is changing the way human life.

1. Field of Housing and Architecture

Many things have changed in the field of housing and architecture. Housing is a major aspect of our lives. Through the technology of three-dimensional (3D), the architects and designers are now producing models and presenting them with more detail. 3D technology is not new, but its impact is still being felt today. Before the 3D technology, the architects worked with the cards that were visualized through 2D or presented with the draw itself. This presentation requires a more detailed explanation to the client than 3D technology.
“Through 3D technology, clients can see a virtual tour of the building before making a payment, which allows them to have the first experience to know what the building will be like later.

2. Data

“Data can help eliminate speculation and guess work that is done a professional.
The amount of data to make a great impact for the world today. Not only the availability of more data we get, but behind this technology is how we can generate useful data as well.
Growth in the current data so rapidly, some studies show that in 2020, approximately 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created for each person per second.
Who are the people who benefit from this big data entry? Of course industries such as insurance, healthcare, and technology companies leading marketing will lead fulfilling the needs of large data.

3. World Mental Health and Analysis

In the world of health, technology industry make better treatment for patients with medical conditions that were previously difficult to diagnose. With the data available at the hospital, the doctors to easily track the patient’s medical condition, and easily apply advanced care what should be done by the patient.

4. Internet Access

In some cases, for some people in the world, access to the Internet is still considered a luxury. Bringing Internet access to some remote areas is one of the objectives of the leaders of the world’s leading technology, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin. Both were able to make their dreams come alive thanks to technologies such as solar plane and balloon powered internet.

This technology not only helps the world connect to the Internet by bringing access to areas once they had come, but the cost for internet access in this area the results could also be cheaper.
Of course there are many other areas that have undergone changes and feel the benefits of the technology so as to provide a positive impact on the lives of people on earth.