Volvo, you would love to hear it.The rapid advancement of technology, to make all the activities easier. One is technology that is embedded in the vehicle wheel 4. After the introduction of electric cars more efficient fuel problem, there are now more innovations which make motorists more easily in a 4-wheel drive.

Such innovations are auto pilot, which is often found in aircraft.Auto pilot can make the vehicle drive themselves, even runs automatically to its intended purpose.


Reporting from Mashable,  reportedly one of the famous car manufacturer,Volvo, will pilot the cars made them, who planted the auto pilot in 2017. Volvo itself will make their home country, Sweden, as a place to test their cars.The car that will be deployed in the streets around Gothenburg, Sweden totaled 100 cars were ready to swing.

The project, called Drive Me will use the Volvo XC90 auto pilot armed with features that make this car can run itself when on the highway.Fairly easy to use, if you want to activate the auto pilot feature, press and hold the pedal located behind the steering wheel. When in standby, this pedal will blink green,whereas if the auto pilot feature is active, then this pedal will be lit with green colored indicator lights as well.

On the panel behind the steering wheel, there is a screen that displays a map and information about the length of time that can be used to use the auto pilot.Auto pilot is activated if the car is on a highway that has been programmed to be able to sample these features auto pilot. If you want to return control of the car like in general,quite grasp the steering wheel without having to press the pedal berindikator green light earlier,which is located at the rear wheel.

With auto pilot car is equipped with sensors,which can detect the situation around the car to reach 360 degrees. It bertujuam to tell the driver what was going on in front, beside or behind the car.Besides this sensor is also useful when you want to precede another vehicle more slowly.Hopefully this article useful to increase your knowledge.