You must have one Facebook user? Did you know that soon Facebook will bring Virtual Reality to mobile devices:

Facebook is interested in virtual reality. Even last year Facebook has acquired the manufacturer of virtual reality headset, Oculus. This time Facebook is also interested in presenting virtual reality on mobile devices.

As reported by The Wall Sreet Journal who told me that Facebook is now developing a virtual reality applications for mobile devices. The application will be stand alone and that the application supports spherical video viewing angle of 360 dejarat. With the application of virtual reality, will change people’s perspective in viewing the video can be seen from certain angles, with teality virtual users as if it were in the middle of the video.

Later this application can also support multiple platforms including Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. But technically this application will not correspond to the actual virtual reality is less profound because the application is technically, but maybe it could be a version of the Oculus Rift which can support mobile devices similar to Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

It is natural for Facebook declined to comment on these rumors and statements from the Wall Street Journal, because basically these applications are still in early stages of development. With this it can be assumed that virtual reality applications made by Facebook that will not be present in the near future, it took a long time to bring this application on a mobile device. Hopefully not until years yes, so that we can all enjoy the virtual reality as promised. Hopefully this article useful for you to add your technological knowledge. Thank you.