After we discussed the benefits of solar energy and, now I will discuss about how to harness solar energy in everyday life:

You certainly know about solar panels? The solar panel is a semiconductor equipment that is coupled with certain components that can generate electrical energy by making use of heat and sunlight. Changing energy derived from sunlight into electrical energy is called the effect of photovoltaic (PV) .Sedangkan field of research related to solar cells is known as photovoltaics.

The solar panel can be mounted on the roof of buildings / houses are then connected to the inverter to the electricity grid in a network setting measuring current and voltage.

Solar cells have many benefits. among others to drive water pumps, street lighting, traffic lights, and solar cell technology is very suitable for the territory in remote areas not reached by the electricity supply from the company supplying electricity.

In terms of the cost of the consumption or use of solar cells is also very much cheaper when compared to electrical energy using diesel or subscribing to the power company.

There are many more uses solar panels for human life on earth, but what is certain is that we must use energy to se well as possible so that energy is not wasted. Thank you