Do you know the U-2,a spy plane USA are well known and will soon be deactivated?U-2 spy plane is capable of flying at an altitude of more than 70 thousand feet!Dragon Fly is his nickname,describing this as a dragon fly aircraft that are ready appear in any area in the world without bias detected by enemy radar.U-2 was going to retire,but his replacement is now being prepared Lockheed Martin and be ready to operate in 2025. TRX, name spy plane future of the United States. The aircraft is designed not only do a spy mission,but also capable of electronic warfare and equipped with a laser-based weapons system!

Just like U-2,TRX was designed to fly at an altitude of more than 70 thousand feet and may also use the F118 engine, the same as used by the U-2. According to rumors, the appearance of both types of aircraft are relatively common, but as mentioned above, TRX equipped with the latest technology,one of which is the ability to coordinate with the various NATO warplanes. To be sure, the TRX is “stealth” than the U-2.Americans have learned from the experience of 1960 and 1962 when a U-2 plane shot hanud Soviet artillery. A modern spy plane is not enough to simply rely on spectacular heights because of the latest types of missiles are already capable of reaching it. A spy plane must be very, very modern “stealth”.

Each technology development requires substantial funds, not least the development of TRX.Researchers from Lockheed Martin confused by increasing the amount of funds that may be required. It is recognized by Lt. Gen.Robert Otto, a high-ranking United States,that the United States government may not be sufficient funds to combine the capabilities of two high-altitude aircraft platform, becoming one of the main characteristics of the TRX.High-altitude aircraft platform is designed to have the extra ability,for example,capable of flying at an altitude of 70 thousand feet for hours or even days.Two plane high-altitude platform in question is the U-2 spy planes and Global Hawk. Both the plane has a number of extra features that are difficult to surpass by other military planes.Well,TRX was designed to have the ability of U-2 and Global Hawk.

What are the advantages of U-2 is quite prominent? In general, the U-2 is capable of flying very high and can only be intercepted by Mig 25 Russia capable of flying up to 123 thousand feet.While the Global Hawk is able to fly up to 30 hours and serves as a satellite and aircraft at once.Global Hawk aircraft were able to observe the atmosphere in remote areas, such as the Arctic and Antarctic.Global Hawk aircraft carrying capacity could reach 500 kg which usually consists of a variety of scientific instruments.Altitude, flight duration,haulage,super reconnaissance sensors are some important characteristics needed by a modern reconnaissance aircraft,and all of which are designed to be transplanted in a plane alone, TRX!