Haneda International Airport in Tokyo the Japanese government created the NAO humanoid robot whose job is to greet the traveler.Unique indeed.Moreover, this robot also has the ability to speak threelanguages, namely Japanese, English,and the last is Mandarin.

But the ability to answer questions from the NAO robot is still very limited. As quoted from Mashable, NAO robot is only able to hold an office of seven types of questions.This robot was designed to be able to do movements that adorable to give prior notice to the passengers.Moreover, a related announcement boarding and securitycheck.

Of the three languages ​​are mastered,the NAO robot has a more proficiency in speaking Japanese.And the seven questions that can be answered by the robot as high as 60 centimeters,these include the associated time of boarding until the weatherconditions at the destination of travel.

The existence of the NAO robot is still in the testing phase, and according to the plan of the robot will be officially deployed to the field next week.Party of JapanAirlines was specifically provide NAO robot is to anticipate the surge of passengers during the ChineseNewYear holiday.So do not be surprised if the robot is designed to be able to speak Mandarin.