This Smartwatch Able to Make Skin Like the Touch Screen

You have a smart watches or smartwatch? Now many smartphone manufacturers releasing products to the smart watch market. Call it Apple, Xiaomi, even to Mito, one of the local smartphone manufacturers. Each smartwatch has capabilities far more information than a regular watch. Smartwatch has a processor that serves as the “brain” to perform various functions like a smartphone.

But the biggest problem faced by users worldwide smartwatch is the screen size. If calculated on the average, every smartwatch has a screen with a size of less than 3 inches, making it difficult to be operated with the fingers, especially by anyone who has a large radius.

Scientists capture the anxiety of the users smartwatch and they took the initiative to solve this problem in a way that is beyond imagination! The scientists added a ring of electromagnetic signal transmitter which is combined with a signal receiver that is installed on a smartwatch bracelet. When the user wearing a special ring, each finger movements (fitted ring) will be considered as the movement of the finger on the screen surface.

This technology still needs improvement here and there but scientists are optimistic that this amazing smartwatch will be applied widely in the coming years. I hope this article is helpful for you