Spaceagency NASA has just successfully landed a new robot namedCuriosity to the planet Mars. Curiosity is the most sophisticated robot ever built by NASA.Manufacturing costs are very large, reaching USD 2.5 billion. Curiosity is the seventh robot specifically created for NASA visited the red planet.Over the next two years,will explore the surface of the planned CuriosityMars.Its main mission is to investigate whether primitive life ever existed there.

Curiosity successful landing -the most sophisticated laboratory rover that had landed on another planet – marking the unanticipated technologicalfeatures that will be a point of national pride until far into the future.Curiosity operates using nuclear power.The size of a small car and is equipped withsophisticated research tools.This robot has an electronic hand with a drill,and the laserlaboratory to smell if there are elements of the building blocks of life on Mars. CuriosityMars also able to accurately detect radiation.Curiosity measured radiation levels will be analyzed by NASA. This is to determine what kind of environment that would be encountered if an astronaut when they landed there.

Curiositylanding site was chosen near the equator line. Because there are signs that in the past had no source of running water. This is curious because the water is a keycondition for life.Robots have successfully identified the ice near the north pole of Mars and the evidence that there was once water on the planet.Perhaps there never was a time where there are a lot of water on Mars.Curiosity is the main purpose of examining the main ingredients necessary for life such as nitrogen,phosphorus,and oxygen.Curiosity is not yet equipped tool to search for livingorganisms.

However,the condition of Mars weight for life.For example,a thin atmosphere that prevents the existence of liquid water. But from the evidence, there is the possibility of this planet to be habitable even though NASA has not been able to prove whether there ever living there.In addition to the UnitedStates,some states also curious on Mars.Since the 1960s, Europe,the SovietUnion and Japan tried to send a variety of aircraft to investigate Mars.In part led to the failure.