Many advanced fighter aircraft and expensive in the world, but if the most sophisticated combat aircraft today? Here’s his review:

F-35 has a complete capability. Starting from nan advanced stealth capability, supersonic speed, extreme agility, radar scramblers, and sensor fusion technology is superb. This aircraft is claimed to attack air-to-air, air-to-ground, reconnaissance, monitoring, until reconnaissance mission.


This aircraft was designed with the ability to share data with other aircraft. Helmet pilot can see an area of ​​360 degrees.

For all of that package, price tag is US $ 400 billion for 2,457 aircraft. Budget is twice the initial estimate, so the Pentagon was forced to inject an extra US $ 200 billion so that the aircraft could be produced.

To manage and operate the Joint Strike Fighter program during a period of operation, the Pentagon invested nearly US $ 1 trillion, as revealed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Price and investment of the F-35 program is the most expensive in the world.

May humans always remember that arrogance will bring disastrous for life. Human must live side by side and love of peace, let us compete in doing good among humans for a better future.