Researchers also have repeatedly attempted to make a breakthrough in this regard. And now, the duo researcher Reginald Penner and Mya Le Thay from UC Irvine managed to find a revolutionary battery.

This new battery technology is built using nanowire technology. This technology, as quoted by CNET, giving more benefits when compared with ordinary lithium-ion batteries. The battery of this type has a wider surface electrode and can easily decompose naturally. This ability was at once able to overcome the problem of electronic waste that is often a problem in many countries.

In a paper published in the journal ACS Energy Letters, these batteries have also mentioned durability is much higher than li-ion battery. Mya Le Thai revealed that his creations nanowire battery can be used up to 200 thousand times charging.

This figure was much higher than the capabilities of a li-ion battery usual. Li-ion batteries are often used on a smartphone, generally has a resistance ranging from 5000 to 7000 thousand times charging. In comparison, the latest nanowire battery life have durability up to 40 times longer. Hopefully this information is helpful to you.