The process of the development of digital technology has affected many areas. One area that is experiencing the penetration of digitization technology is in the field of health. One effect that adds to the medium field of health is the number of emerging healthcare applications that can be easily accessed via smartphone or tablet.

For example, in developed countries today the ear or hearing health check can be done using a child has a smartphone device. through the device of the doctor can diagnose an infection and to prepare appropriate treatment for patients. Increasing number of applications in the health sector would facilitate the course of patient care.

Indeed, technology is not a substitute for medical health care. He is part of the supplement health care process itself. Only applications having factor for better communication between health professionals and patients themselves. However, it could be in the future of the health care process. This is because the goal of digital health is to practice medicine and public health medukung melaluiperangkat mobile.

Therefore, there are several categories of mobile-related applications related to it. This category includes such as chronic disease management, medication rules, monitoring patient health, media communication between patients and health care providers, personal health management, health reference support equipment, and others. So what can be done by the mobile device itself? Mobile devices can be used to reduce the process of care by health care providers as well as process and healing process.

Who are the users these applications? There are three types of consumers who typically utilize sophistication of mobile devices and healthcare applications. The first are those who use the application through health approach. Usually they use the application to diagnose, record, and treat the illness. The second are those who use applications for fitness and sport. They utilize the fitness program and find a friend to practice. The third are those who use the application with the approach of health and lifestyle. This latter type usually use the application to determine the level of calories and nutrients that enter into their bodies.

Some health organizations have urged regulators to make the standard rules on the application and the mobile health devices are rampant today. And to this day it is still a debate of its own.

Similarly, information about the development of technology in the health sector, may be useful for your health. thanks.