For those of you who love photography, of course, already know the use of light. Light is very important to produce good images. If less light will make the image look bad. Camera technology is designed to work capturing every light and now the technology is increasingly sophisticated cameras. Although using a smartphone camera, you can take pictures in the dark with good results.

These tips you can apply on your smartphone camera, I hope these tips useful for you:

1. Set the ISO
You can set the ISO in manual mode in the camera smartphone. ISO used should be around 800-6400 (depending on the level of light present). However, just like a flash, the use of the ISO can also be a bad thing. High ISO can make the image quality becomes less good, so it should still be measured according to the level of light that are around.

2. Use HDR
When shooting would be faced with the conditions of light and dark. It usually makes the object look too bright or too dark. Through the HDR mode, you can resolve the issue. HDR mode can take pictures with the light level is different, and then combined into an image with a better light. In other words, this mode can help you produce images more detail in the shadows and avoid overexposing the bright areas. If you want to experiment with HDR, use a tripod. because in low light conditions, the slightest movement can make the image look blurry or unclear.

3. Do not let camera shake
When photographing an image and sway, whatever the circumstances, would not be nice. A little wobble when shooting in dark conditions, greatly affect the outcome of the image. Because the camera needs time to capture the image because the low light levels. For it is better to use a tripod. In addition to a tripod, you can also take advantage of the counter and timer features to minimize the vibration when you press the shutter button.

4. Avoid Zoom
Using digital zoom on the camera smartphone is a very bad idea, especially when it is dark. Zoom in fact does not make a more detailed picture, it will make the image less detail. Photographing through the smartphone’s camera, it’s good to choose a distance that is not too far from the object. How is it useful to produce a clearer image. If you’re the type of person who likes taking pictures from a distance, try using an additional zoom lens that can be attached to the smartphone.

5. Use the flash to the right
Flash is very useful in the dark, but not entirely able to produce a good photo. Use flash in a proper way. Avoid the use of long-distance, because it will make the LED flash does not work with the maximum. The use of LED flash too close will also make the object less detail or make the background not seen clearly. Flash on a smartphone’s camera will be very useful when used in moderate distance, where ┬áthe lighting is much better than from a distance or too close.

6. Edit Photos
Apply filters or effects when shooting is very tempting, but it is not much help children. Use a filter or effect while editing an image. Without the need for a computer, a wide range of photo editing application already widely available for smartphones. You just select liking.