Do you know about the history of Nuclear created? I am sure there are those who do not know. Most people will immediately think of a deadly weapon ketka hear the word nulkir, whereas Nuclear many potential uses for the advancement of technology, the following review:

In 1934 a scientist named Enrico Fermi conducted experiments in Rome which proves that neutrons can break some kind of atom.
In 1938 the German scientist Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman firing neutrons of the elements radium and beryllium to uranium he was surprised to find the lighter elements such as barium in the remaining ingredients.

Prior to publish their discoveries contact Lise Meitner in Copenhagen who also worked on Neil Bohr and Otto R. Frisch. When Meitner perform the experiments he found that the results of the reaction mass of the reaction product is less than the mass of uranium that is used. Meitner then use Einstein’s theory that menyebutan mass turns into energy.

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