Compact Laser Weapons System Technology Pembasmi Drone Weapons

Drone which will be discussed this time is not a helicopter propeller control our usual four remotecontrol. Drone also became a term in the world of military weapons as a drone. And a few days ago, the latest drone exterminator weapons demonstrated in California. This laser guns drone exterminator drone could melt easily. Boeing’s development of weapons known as the Compact Laser Weapons System (CLWS).The laser gun has a small size and a practical version of the High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD), a laser weapon before the usual Boeing production placed on the roof of a variety of US military vehicles.

Both CLWS nor HEL MD does not use conventional bullets, but only the laser beam is focused in such a way to melt the target. According to Isaac Neal, a Boeing engineer, two laser guns have workingprinciple is analogous to direct the welding torch to a target from a distance and in a short time. It seems that the engineers do not reach the poor results because of past experiments, CLWS could melt and destroy the drone in just 15 seconds!According to Neal, each target would not realize what was happening and immediately see its destruction in just a few seconds.

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