Did you ever ride a submarine? Perhaps most have not, just like me. But do you know the history of the submarine and periscope? Here is his review:

In about 1578, William Bource, a mathematician from the UK, to design a shape of a submarine. These ships are small and tightly closed. The material is made of wood covered with a type of skin and does not penetrate the water. Wow, who would have thought with simple materials that can be made submarine.

Around 1620, Cornelius van Drebbel of the Netherlands is regarded as the first to make the submarine and successfully launch it. Actually, the concept of the framework is still the same submarine with artificial Willian Bource. Submarine Cornelius still using wood and leather-coated exterior use oil paint lubricated to be water resistant. The submarine is also enough for one person only.

The surplus, the submarine is equipped with pedals that can drive the propeller. Propeller can make the boat move forward, diving to the bottom of the sea, then up again back to the surface. In 1727, several submarine popping up. Sala popular one submarine named Turtle. The turtle had a chance to help the war of American independence.

Machines used submarines are nuclear powered engines. For the modern submarine, the walls are no longer made of wood. The walls that already has two layers center is filled ballast tanks. This tank will be filled with water when the submarine will go down to the seabed. If the ship is going up, water in ballast tanks will be emptied.

Hull designed specifically to withstand the pressure of the sea water. To look out, the submariners do not have to swim out of the ship. They can peer through the periscope. Periscope-shaped length of pipe that can be extended above sea level and re-enter if the ship were diving. At both ends of the pipe elbow periscope mounted mirror. The mirror above the elbow in the pipe will be reflective mirror at the bottom. In this way we can see a view of the sea.

The submarine has many benefits for the advancement of technology and human progress in the search for new discoveries on the seabed. Thus the discussion about the submarine and periscope, may be useful for you to increase your knowledge. Thank you.