There are many sources of energy in the world, but there is still a lot that can not be utilized properly for life. Here are some sources of energy in the world:

1. Sources of renewable energy
Is a renew able energy source and can be used without fear of running out. for example:

A. Solar energy or solar
Solar energy is abundant in numberr, especially for tropical regions. utilization of sunlight is to use solar cells that function to convert solar energy into electrical energy. There is also the use sun rays to cookk with the sun-powered stove for example in the country of India.

B. Geothermal
Geothermal energy is energy that comes from deep within the earth, geothermal energy is abundant and renewable energy so no need to worry about running out of geothermal energy. In addition to the abundant amount of energy has a price that is more economical and environmentally friendly. Indonesia is one country in the world that is rich in geothermal energi, it is in because Indonesia has many active volcanoes are a distinct advantagee for our country. Examples of utilization of geothermal energy is to convert it into electricity generation.

C. Wind
The utilization of wind energy is being intensively done by many countries around the world as an energy source is not limited in number, the utilization of this energy using wind turbines connected to a generator or turbine to produce electricity.

D. Biomass Energy
Biomass consists of living plants, dead trees, and wood chips.

E. Energy Natural Gas
Is a renewable energy and more affordable than fuel oil.

F. Hydroelectric Power Plant
The energy comes from water power has long been utilized by humans because it is environmentally friendly and also abundant. Hydroelectric powerr plants or hydroelectric power is one example of the use of water power for a better life.

G. Tidal Energy
The tide is consideredd more promising maximum results when compared witth solar power and wind power. but harnessing tidal energy is still a bit of it is in because the cost is expensive.

2. Not Renewable Energy Sources

These types of energy sources are limited and can not be updated even if there is renewable but requires a very long time. This energy source is still a majorr energy source that is widely used though many have switched to using alternative energy sources. Examples of non-renewable energy sources are:

A. Source of energy derived from fossil
This energy source may actually be refurbished but it takes up to millions of years, derived from living dead and buried in the ground to millions of years. for example: petroleum, coal.

B. Sources of energy derived from natural minerals
Natural minerals can be exploited menjdai energy source after going through some processes, for example uranium that couldd produce nuclear energy.

Thus some of the energy source in the world and during this time we already use in our daily lives are very large benefits for human life. May be useful for you and your environment. Thank you