One of the largest energy source that exist in this world is solar energy. Not only humans who benefit, but all creatures on earth to feel the benefits of solar energy. Here is an overview of solar energy and its benefits:

The sun can be used directly to produce electricity or for heating and even for cooling. ¬†future of solar energy potential is limitedd only by our desire to capture chance. There’s many ways to harness energy from the sun. Plants convert sunlight into chemical energy using photosynthesis. We utilize this energy by eating and burning woodd.

* # Solar Thermal Power
A large glass mengkonsetrasikan sunlight into a single line or point. Dihasilakan heat used to generate steam. Heat, high-pressure steam that is used to run turbines that generate electricity. In areas exposed to the sun, solar power plants can guarantee a large distribution of electricity production

* # Solar Heating and Cooling
Solar heat using solar heat directly. Solar thermal collector above atapmu can provide hot water for your home, and help warm your house. Solar thermal systems based on the simple principle that has been known for centuries: the sun heats the water that fills the dark vessel. Solar thermal power technology on the market today are very inefficient and unreliable. Currently the market is providing solar energy for a wide range of applications, from domestic water heating and space heating in residential and commercial -gedung, to swimming pool heating, solar-cooling, industrial process heating and process water into freshwater.

Thus a little review about solar energy and some benefits in people’s lives. Thank you