Google is preparing a new project, in which the goal is still the same, namely to provide Internet access to remote areas of the Google project is named Skybender.

Unlike Loon project, the project is going transmits Skybender veryfast internet networks,5G,which was allegedly 50 times faster than the 4G LTE network.Even the results of the test temporarily,5G internet network is able to break the speed until 3,6Gbps.Now the interesting part of this project is Skybinder Google will no longer use a hot air balloon,but the use of drones that will emit the Internet network.

Not only that,Google reportedly has rented 15,000 square feet to test Skybinder project,at the port of spacecraft America,in New Mexico.To this end,Google will test a prototype of a transmitter that is derived from the drone, using millimeter wave transmitter.

Even Jacques Rudell as professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington said that the use of millimeter wavetransmitter used by Google Skybender project is very appropriate, especially the frequency bands used by smartphone device is now very solid. But he added,too,that the range of the frequency bands is shorter than the wave transmitter on the smartphone.

But the news is yet to get clarification directly from the Google,so there are many rumors say whetherGoogle would be planning to use drones as transmitters internet.We wait for further news from Google.