Google Maps

Technology is growing rapidly, one of the benefits of technology was created to facilitate human life. Technology on smartphones is also growing, smartphones are now inseparable from its everyday life thanks to sharing application that allows them to move. One of them existing Google Maps application on your smartphone. Google maps is an application that can provide information on travel routes and navigation. By doing so, users can get to their destination.

Google just provide an update on the application. This new feature can facilitate persons with disabilities, especially those using wheelchairs. Google Maps now provides information about where to eat, shopping, or other public buildings that are accessible to wheelchair users. The trick is that users can find out at the “Amenities”. information will show whether the building has an entrance accessible to wheelchair users.

Features developed by Rio Akasaka, Product Manager for Google Drive, it is only available in the United States alone. The patient only, this feature may be present in other countries.

This new feature may be only a minor update, but it is very significant for wheelchair users. This new feature can open up a new world for them.