Are you sure this world there is a God? One of the things that can not be avoided by man is death, but now there is one thing that is quite astonishing. Yes, a technology company is reportedly working on a project that allows us to move the human consciousness into an artificial body after the person dies.

It is indeed crazy enough to be heard, because the idea of ​​the project is more like fiction films that has not been proven kebenrannya, and the concept of this technology is very similar to the film Transendence. The project is spearheaded by Humai technology companies are working on the resurrection of human ambition through artificial intelligence technology or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The company itself says that the development of this technology will soon be completed within a period of 30 years. Technologically they include the development of technology – Bionics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

So how do I move the human consciousness who have died? The company says that nanotechnology and artificial intelligence are used to store data for a person of how he speaks, patterns of behavior, thought processes, and to know how the body functions.

The gathered data will then go through the process of coding will be some sensor technology, will then be made artificial entities which will contain the human brain dead. They also explained that the cloning technology will also be used in the project, then they will return the brain because it exceeds the specified limits.

On their web site the company explains “Humai is an AI company with the mission to bring you back from the afterlife. We want to bring you back to life after death. ”

Mission company based in Los Angeles this sounds pretty crazy, because this sort of thing was only a fiction film. But do not rule out the mission of the company can become a reality.

Humai itself fully to get funding from the CEO and founder, Josh Bocanegra. He also explained how the project was a way to freeze first brain dead using cryonics technology, so that when the project is fully ready, the brain can be directly incorporated into an artificial body.

Later artificial body functions will be controlled by your mind by measuring brain waves. Later all functions of the body will adjust to what ever suffered by the owner of the brain while still alive. With this technology, one would be able to live eternally, because Integration also claimed that this technologically able to hold up forever.

However, regardless of the project’s mission, raise a person or cloning of human beings is an act that is in violation of several laws such as the violation of human rights in cloning technology. Hopefully this article can increase your knowledge.