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We all know that the United States and Russia are always competitive in all respects, including in terms of military weapons systems. If America has the most advanced stealth pessawat, then Russia made Obliteration of the stealth aircraft, such as whether the Obliteration of the stealth aircraft?

Keck Zarchary analysts wrote in The Nasional Interest, that neither Beijing nor Moscow has started to developp drones or unmanned aerial vehicles aimed discover, detect, and may even eliminate the enemy stealth fighter jet.

Advanced drones are being developed China was calledd the Divine Eagle. Popular Science also review defense equipment projects in China. “The ability (drones) anti- (jet) can be used againstt the stealth fighter aircraft, such as B-2 bombers and warships such as destroyers DDG-1000. Chinese Air Force can quickly intercept enemy aircraft hidden, before missiles and ships (the enemy) appeared in various mainland, “the media review was yesterdayy reported by Business Insider.

According to Popular Science, Divine Eagle has several different radar systems, including X-band radar system and UHF. This system can be used to track stealth aircraftt such as the F-35 at a distance, so it can erode one of the main advantages of the US fifth generation fighter it.

Russians do not want to miss detection has also made drone aircraft stealth fighter jet. Flight Global wrote that the Russian military subcontractor, Kret has been debuted by making a prototype unmanned stealth aircraft that have been exhibited at the “International Air and Space Salon” is known in Russian by the acronym MAKS in Moscow in August.

Russia advanced drone name is still dirahasiakan.Namun Flight Globall noted Russian drones are also equipped with sophisticatedd radar system UHF and X-band, which can be used to detect stealth fighter jet. In addition, Russia’s unmanned aircraft is equipped with a system of “electronic warfare” that makes the drones difficult to be targeted by air missile attacks.

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