flash disk

Habits safely remove remains time-consuming and may slow down the user, especially when you’re in a hurry and want to act more quickly. Most people will choose safely remove before removing the flash disk from the USB port of a computer or laptop. The goal is that the data contained in it is not damaged.
Despite good intentions, the actual rituals are not compelled to safely remove. Each USB flash can be set to be installed and removed just like that without having first pick safely remove.

How to change the USB settings so as not to “safely remove” again:

1. Plug the USB flash disk
Plug the USB flash disk in the computer or laptop. Furthermore, immediately run the Device Manager application. You simply press the Windows logo key on your computer or laptop, then type “device manager” in the search bar. Then the application can be directly selected.

2. Search Disk Drives
Furthermore, look for part Disk Drive and click to see a list of disks that are connected to the computer. Double-click on the name of USB and a menu will appear.

3. Select Quick Removal
On the menu select the Policies tab and look for the section Removal Policy. Then select Quick Removal (default). In this way both USB and Windows will not make cache, so that the flash can be used directly released upon completion. But of course you are still not recommended unplugging the USB flash disk is currently being used to copy data, play a movie, or a variety of other activities.