Birds and planes are both flying in the sky.Both are potentiallystruck by lightning.Here’s an explanation of sophistication¬†anti-lightning system on the aircraft.The possibility of the plane struck by lightning is always there. However,aircraft equipped with the system StaticDischarge (SD) in the body.This makes the possibility of a lightning strike aircraft to be very small, especially modern planes.

Lightningoccurs because of differences in electric charge in the air, due to friction between the clouds or objects with the air of static electric charge arising on the thing.As with the plane, while moving in the air will cause staticelectricity in the fuselage.However,the SD immediately dispose of electricity in the air, so less likely struck. If the SD does not work, the plane could have been struck by lightning and could result from disruption of communications and aircraft navigationequipment to burn in air, although the incidence is very rare.

SD is very rarely damaged aircraft,other than that thetreatment is very simple because its shape only in the form of wire or metal filled plastic plates that are placed on the tip of the wing or tail plane with the number of 12-16 pieces.

Everyday the Earth was hit by 40 thousand lightning.However,because of the breadth of theEarth,then the possibility of lightning on a very smallplane.But he says that on average each year there is an airplane struck by lightning.