When you want to paint parts for a car or other items that would look better in a new color, then consider powder coating. This is a method where you usually bake the part after it’e been coated so that the color settles into the material. There are numerous colors to choose from, but most colors don’t come pre-mixed, so you would need to purchase a few individual colors that would be used to mix together.

As with most projects, there are a few pieces of coating equipment that you will need whether you are doing the job in a garage or in the back yard. Keep in mind that if you paint inside, you need the proper ventilation as the fumes can be bothersome. Some locations require a license in order to operate this kind of business if you are planning to do large jobs or several jobs for yourself or other people.

After you have secured the location, you need to begin getting the spraying equipment that you need as well as an oven so that you can bake the parts that you paint. A spray booth is best so that there is an enclosed area for painting. This can help prevent fumes from reaching the entire area of the room. Even with a booth, you still need the proper ventilation for the fumes.

If you don’t want to buy a curing oven, then use the oven in the home. You can only bake parts that are large enough to fit inside, but it’s often less expensive using this method than buying a large oven that you might not use very often if you plan to only paint small parts. A tub is also needed so that you can mix solvents. These will help to clean the parts before and after they are painted. A drying area is needed as well so that items can be hung before they are used. In order to paint parts, you will need an air gun. There are nozzles of various sizes that will come in handy when you are painting in the crevices of small items and when you are covering large surfaces.