Nokia rose to try out new business areas, namely virtual reality. Nokia kicked off this field by launching a virtual reality camera named Ozo.

Previously it was reported that the Finnish company will release a virtual reality-based device that is capable of recording video with 360-degree viewing angle in 3D stereoscopic. Camera Nokia Ozo has a circular shape with a small stick in the middle sudur as a buffer.

In addition, this camera has been equipped with eight cameras and eight microfon sensor for recording and creating sound. 360 degree camera device is the first product made by Nokia that can be used to make films in the virtual reality device.

Even the leadership of Nokia Technologies, Ramzi Haidamus, said Nokia Ozo allows the creation of virtual reality experience that is very exciting. Even the camera is claimed to be able to move emotionally, and act to respond.

“Through Ozo we can now feel more present in real life and extend empathy never imagined by us before,” said Haidamus as quoted from Digitaltrends, Sunday (20/03/2015).

According Haidamus, this technology is a technology that moves forward into the future. “We are very excited to work have the ability to create a level Ozo with the highest levels in terms of virtual reality technology,” he added.

Because the camera is focused on the deep pockets, it does not mean the price of this camera. According to news circulating, VR camera is priced at a whopping $ 60,000. Wow, of course, similar to the technology presented. Hopefully this article can provide useful information to you.