As someone who spends most of our daily hours in front of the computer, we rely hugely to the computer to accomplish various tasks as well as also to store and manage our important files. And no matter how careful you are in utilizing your computer, some errors and troubles are just inevitable to us. In that case, our knowledge and understanding toward the computing technology is being put on a test. While some people would consider hiring the experts to solve the troubles on their computers, actually it can be solved with DIY repair by the owner.

One of the best file utilities you can try to maintain your files stored in your computer is Directory Report. Although this software is not designed to detect and get rid viruses, the fact is that it offers essential functions to keep the computer system stable and run well. Yes, Directory Report is software designed to provide real-time directory report to which users will be easily to monitor and manage their directories according to its file size. We all know that by default Windows has no feature to allow directory size to be visible unless the user clicked and checked each of these directories’ properties to be able to see its actual size. And by using the Directory Report, you’ll be able to view these directories and see the size in real-time. There is no need to check them one by one; the software will display it all at once so you can easily identify which directories consumed the HDD space the most.

Although there are multiple similar file utilities available out there but due to some reasons, Directory Report is way much better compared to them all. Why? Among many reasons, what makes Directory Report is better simply because it has simplified user interface similar to classic windows explorer page. Most people are familiar with Windows explorer page, which that means they will also instantly familiar to the functions and features offered by Directory Report. It allows even beginners to utilize the features and functions offered by the software optimally. In other hand, the competitors used the colored boxes and discs to visualize the folder and its size, which lead many users to feel confused as they tried to figure out the meaning of the color on each box or disc displayed on the screen.

So how come a Directory Report can help computer users in maintaining their files? With the thorough directory size reporting, users will be able to find and locate big files or directories left after software uninstallation or to locate folders containing bloat-ware which usually come pre-installed onto a new machine. For the best disk space management, people can always count on the Directory Report for the best directory and files reporting in simplest possible method. For more information about Directory Report and the features it offered, you can visit everything you need to know about Directory Report can be learned here for your best understanding.