If we talk about the most prominent PC browser, of course Google Chrome is in the top position considering the number of users of this browser both in PC and mobile devices is very high. As a strong competitor, Mozilla continues to present a breakthrough to rival Google Chrome, where the company recently launched a new browser called Firefox Quantum.

But after Through the results of research Photon Project, Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser presents a different look from Firefox, including logos, interface design, to performance. The research aims to know what the user wants from a browser and be a Quantum Firefox browser that appear more modern.

Different from before, the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser interface has been specially designed to make users feel familiar even though using this browser for the first time, even if it has not been using Firefox browser for a long time. This browser also features Pocket like Microsoft Edge, where users can save a page to read in the future.

Mozilla Firefox Quantum also has a navigation that is easy to use and has a good response in recognizing clicks or scrolls. The main advantage of the Quantum Firefox browser is the speed of performance, which when tested using Kraken 1.1 JavaScript, Quantum Firefox is capable of performing a series of tests in 33.8 milliseconds. While Google Chrome competitors can complete the test within 1,9087.97 milliseconds. Not only that, the benchmark results using Speedometer 2.0 also shows the benefits of the Firefox browser Quantumm has almost twice the speed compared to ordinary Firefox browser.

But for now, the Quantum Firefox browser is available in Beta and Developer versions. But the full version will be available on 14 November for free. We look forward to it.

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