movaviWith the advent of video content, screen capture is no longer something that only experts use. Being able to capture your screen is something that you can benefit from on a daily basis – by using it to do things such as record streaming video, save Skype calls, or even create video content of your very own in the form of ‘how to’ guides.

Of course to pull any of this off you’ll need the software to do so and the Movavi Screen Capture for Mac ( will excel in that regard. It is one of the more popular screen capture software for Mac, and is renowned for being able to offer powerful features while still remaining extremely user-friendly.

The fact that it is so user-friendly is largely down to its intuitive user interface. Even someone with little or no experience in dealing with videos should be able to pick it up for the first time and familiarize themselves with it in just a few minutes because of how accessible and straightforward its features are.

That being said, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac does not hold back in terms of its capabilities either and couples its screen recorder features with that of a full-fledged video editor. When you use it you will be able to:

  • Capture video directly from your screen while controlling the capture region, frame rate, audio source and even whether or not to record keyboard and mouse actions.
  • Cut videos into segments to get rid of unwanted footage or adjust the sequence of the video.
  • Enhance the video quality and correct common issues such as interlaced, pixelated or blurry segments.
  • Add stylish transitions between scenes to make the video more attractive.
  • Insert background music or voiceovers.
  • Include customizable text to create captions or subtitles.
  • Optimize the video for any device or platform using one of the hundreds of presets that are available.

The bottom line is that with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac you will be able to both record the video you desire as well as tweak, enhance and edit it so that it looks as though it was professionally produced. Being able to produce that kind of a video even as a beginner is what makes the software most attractive, and it will certainly open up more a lot of possibilities for you to consider.