Are you addicted to cigarettes?For those addicted to smoking, quitting smoking is the most difficult thing to do even though there has been a willingness to quit smoking.Realizing this, a group of medical students create a mobile application that can help addicts to quit smoking cigarettes.

The new application is classified using a unique way to help smokers quit smoking, the use of videos and games. Software designed by medical students using elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT),which is a popular treatment conversation that can help change the way of thinking and acting.

It is estimated that this will be the first to support personalbehavior for those who want to quit smoking.To motivate users, this application has fun features like games to find personal targets and monitor the progress of the video in the form of a private doctor which form of animation.

A medical student who led the development of this application from Imperial College London,Yusuf Sherwani said: “As a medical student,almost every day we see patients who suffer from the consequences of smoking, many of them want to quit but do not have the necessary support.” As quoted Mirror ..

“We very much hope that this application comes as a solution and changethe support available to them.We believe it could be a substitute for the game. “Continued Joseph. Hopefully this article useful to you.