A team of eight students have been successful in establishing a personal flyingmachine.This machine nicknamed Snowstorm or Blizzard.Consists of a motor,the propeller and landing gear are combined in a hexagonal frame, Snowstorm able to take-off and landing vertically.

Snowstorm making process takes one year. Snowstorm designed to transport one passenger with a maximum weight of 70 kg. This flying machine can fly for about 5 minutes.So far, this glyph is directed to fly in a big room.According to the project supervisor Snowstorm, this flying machine capable of satisfying humanfantasy that had been presented in a variety of movie-themed fiction.Glyph is designed fairly lightweight and compact so it can be used individually without the need of help from others.

Designing a system that is powered by three batteries, each of which can function independently when one battery is damaged.Glyph electricity has 24 motors each drive the propeller with a diameter of 76 cm with an output power of 2.2 kW.Hexagons skeleton is made of aluminum and carbonfiber plate that is reinforced with Kevlar cord. The driver is positioned in the middle of the machine structure.Three independent battery that is used gives a total power of 52.8 kW.

Flight control systems are designed to allow the driver to adjust thrust,repulsion,and rotation.Snowstorm provides various flight modes which have been applied in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).For safetysystems, the NUS team has installed a separate switch that can be controlled remotely to stop the machine and make a safe landing. Advances in technology have made it possible applications Snowstorm battery to grow more rapidly. NUS team will continue to refine Snowstorm in various aspects, such as propellers,motors,software,and hardware.

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