tech nuclear

Technology is now increasingly sophisticated and increasinglyfacilitate human life.Technology makes the world turn. That change can be positive or negative change. Especially to the environment.Environment is where we live or the places around us.Well, now we will discuss what are thepositive and negative effects of the influence of technology on the environment.In addition,we will also look at how to reduce the negative impact of the influence of technology on the environment.

Technology truly diverse.There is information technology,communication,transportation,medicine,education, machinery, electronics, building, robot, and much more.Of course all the technologicaltools that provide positive and negative effects, especially for the environment.

In addition, the positiveimpact of the influence of technology on the environment can be started from the negative impacts.Such as when there is a suggestion that the excessive use of technology can damage the environment,we will make efforts so that our environment back as usual as greening and reducing the use of thetechnology itself.By doing so, the level of our concern for the environment is increasing due to the negative impact of thesetechnologies.

The impact of technology also will harm the environment if misused.As the use of technology to make a bomb.Bombs or explosives are technological objects that are directly and indirectly could damage the environment.The direct effect is when the bombexploded,the environment can be damaged affected by the bomb. Indirectimpact is,if the bomb was contained radioactive radiation,then gradually the environment is not affected when the bomb exploded too will be damaged as well.

The impact of technology can also damage the environment even though its use very little.For example the use of motor vehicles and engines are the result of residualenergy can damage the ozone layer and cause global warming environmental damage coverage is worldwide.Although we feel that the impact of our vehicles on the environment is very small,we try to see around us, how many people are using these vehicletechnologies.In addition to the excessive use of technology that will indirectly harm the environment can occur, as described above and the use of tools of electronic technology. For example, electronic equipment does not impact directly to the destruction of the environment. Maybe useful for you.