Is It Easy To Make Income From Home?

The internet is full of websites that explain how to make money from home offering tips that never really pan out.  The websites make money.  Perhaps they are working from home.

You can sell makeup, vitamins, or candles, but after 3 months you will have a room full of stuff you can’t get rid of.

You can go to garage sales, buy and sell on ebay, but after 3 months you’ll have another room full of unwanted stuff.

You can buy an sell stocks but after 3 months you wont have a full room but you will have a bank account full of nothing but dust.

So, how do you make money from home without it costing you more money than you make?

This is where technology becomes your friend. What if you were told:

  1. You already have something that someone wants. So you don’t have to buy anything.
  2. You can share it over and over again and it never goes away. So no inventory is required.
  3. You don’t actually have to do much. Its all done for you.
  4. Best case: You wake up everyday with more money than before
  5. Worst case: You don’t make any money but you don’t loose a dime.  No empty bank account.
  6. You wont have another room full of unwanted stuff after 3 months.

sharingBecause of technology there is a new business model called the “share economy“.  You can now share something that you use occasionally with someone who is willing to pay to use it.

So now you’re wondering, what do I possibly own that someone would pay me to use?  What company would help me share this stuff.

If you have a spare room, you can rent it out on Airbnb.

If you have a spare bicycle, you can rent it out on  Spinlister.

If you have a spare parking space or driveway (nearly everyone), you can rent it out on CurbFlip.

What CurbFlip, Airbnb, and Spinlister have in common is they are more than retail companies they are technology companies.  They have found a way to master the “share economy” business model.  Their technology allows you to list your driveway, room, or bicycle to share.  They do all the work for you, they list and market your driveway, schedule your transactions, and make payments directly to you.

All you do is upload a few photos, write a few words about how great your extra parking space is, have it available, and wait for your payment.

Thank technology.