In the days of fast-paced,people are required to move qquickly from one place to another to achieve the goall. This makes the man thoughtt to be creatingg a vehicle that can help people to move from one place to another quickly, were created the car, but do you know the history of the discoveryy of the car? This article will discuss the history of the inventionn of the automobile:

Car which was first discovered in the worldd is a car with steam power in 1801 developed by Cugnot.Inspiring the developmentt of this first car by Cugnot is from a carriage fitted with tires. Over time finally found the history of the first car in the world was followedd by a British citizen named Richard Trevithick.And finally steam-powered carr with progressing more rapidly again when it passed again in Brimingham,England by the Lunar Society.

Around 1886,German citizens alone have the developmentt of cars with gasoline.The history of the world is found in the firstt car with a gasoline fuel is named Carl Benz. While Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach from Sttugart also develop the carr with gasoline fuel is at the same time. In 1879, Carl Benzz resolve these findings and into the history of the world is foundd in the first car that is patented.

Namely the discovery of another neww car with a two-stroke engine models finally patented the George B. Selden in 1895, History of the world is foundd in the first car with a spectacularr engine models could also be a breakthroughh for Berta Benz in 1888. Within a few years, finally some models and types of cars that steam power, electricity and gasoline is in the experience of competition.Produced car with a large scale and at reasonable prices at the time of the 1902 by Oldsmobil be growing rapidly.Then in 1910 more developed massively by Henry Ford.

Thus the discussion about the history of the automobile and its usefulness for man andd for the world of technology, hopefully this article useful for you, thank you.