I am sure you must know and never use a telescope to see objects far away or to see bulan (moon) or planets in outer space. But do you know who the first inventor of the telescope in the world? Here is his review:

Did you know that the first telescope was made in 1608 by the Dutch named Has Lippershey. The telescope has two lenses that refract light and make distant objects appear very close.

It was not until a year later, a man named Galileo Galilei used a telescope that is similar to study bulan (moon).Teleskop Galileo’s first telescope was not found. Before Galileo, many researchers have claimed that he was the inventor of the telescope. Even so, the telescope Galileo is a better tool than modifications made by the refraction telescope berkebangsaaan the Netherlands, Hans Lippershey.

Hans Lippershey (1570 September 1619), also known as Johann Lippershey or Lipperhey, is a lens maker blooded German-Dutch. He was born in Wesel, West Germany. Then he settled in Middelburg, the Netherlands in 1594, and married in the same year, and became a Dutch citizen in 1602. He lived until his death Middelburg. Middelburg is a developed city, especially after the fall of Antwerp in 1585 in Spain, which led to many of the Protestant population fled north to the Netherlands. He was given the award for creating and designing a simple first telescope.

Hans Lippershey holding a lens in front of another lens to magnify an object distance. By installing two lenses in a tube made of wood, Lippershey create the first telescope.

The new glass-making technique introduced by the Italians in the 1590s, and perhaps some idea of ​​combining these lenses have come up with glassmaker community. Although people claim that the invention of the telescope and instruments impossible to be kept confidential, the initial note has been the discovery of a device (such as telescopes) are listed in the government letter Zeeland to delegate her in the United Netherlands, September 25, 1608, which contains the “who is the person who finds new discoveries that can see objects at a distance would be as if the close “.

Thus the explanation of the history of the invention of the telescope by the people who are extraordinary, hopefully this article can be useful to add to your knowledge of the world of technology, thanks.