What happens if the technology and fashion combined into a new innovative product? Yes, Google is now entering the realm of fashion by cooperating with Levi’s to produce a smart jackets that have the ability to quite sophisticated. Jackets are devoted to the cyclists named ProjectJacquard.

JacquardProject itself is the creation of a division of Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects). With this jacket, the user is possible to control the music player, answer incoming calls, and to access the navigation on smartphones.The idea of making this smart jacket itself pushed out of efforts to improve the safety of cyclists.

Today, many cyclists, especially in the United States were busy playing a cell phone while driving a bicycle. Of course, it is equally harm it with motorists who play a mobilephone while driving.

How to use it is also not so complicated, the user only needs to use his right arm to give orders. This can be done because the jacket is equipped with a variety of motionsensors embedded in the jacket. Of course this is a challenge that is unique, because it must combine fashion with technology.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no confirmation from Google regarding when the project will be commercialized and how much it costs for the smartjacket. Hopefully there is certainty information in the near future.