In the decades after the Wrightbrothers first flight,all aircraft used mechanical and hydraulic control systems.The pilot controls the aircraft by using a direct style.The trick is to move the sticks and rudder pedals are connected by steel ropes and the pushrod to move the control surfaces on the wings and tail.

When power from the engine and improved speed, it takes a greater force,and the system is used to help hydraulic. Thus, all aircraft with large size and high performance has a system of hydro-mechanical flight control.These conventional flight controlsystems to limit the aircraftengineer when doing configuration and design in relation to the stability of flying.

Fly-by-wire flight control system is a system that uses electronic circuits to transmit control inputs from the pilot to the motor that drives the control surface such as a flap, aileron, and rudder.In the control system fly-by-wire is no longer a mechanical connection or directly hydraulic between the pilot with a control surface on the plane. Digital fly-by-wire (DFBW) use the electronic flightcontrol system coupled with a digitalcomputer to replace conventional mechanical control systems.

Digital fly-by-wire (DFBW) was first tested on the F-8 Crusader with NASA tail number 802.The aircraft was manned by Gary Krier from Edwards Air-Force Base, California.The trial results validate the main concepts of electronic flight control system currently used in almost all high-performance aircraft,both military aircraft and civiliantransport aircraft.DFBW current flight control system is also used on NASA space shuttle, space shuttle.

At present the concept of electronic-based control systems such as fly-by-wire began to be applied also in modern cars. On modern cars,has installed an electronicdevice that connects the brakepedal with the brake holders. These electronic devices can be programmed to detect and avoid the wheels are locked (locking wheels) during braking which can cause a car lost control.In the next era of electronic technology,the use of the concept of control of the fly-by-wire can definitely be more widespread.