The Gmail users are on the lookout for the latest updates that can enhance the usability of their inbox. The plethora of features offered by Gmail makes it the most preferred and popular email provider. From easy to use mail system and even more convenient mail management and the outstanding security options makes the Gmail stand out from the crowd.

The updates in the form of plug-ins and add-ons and so on are some of the powerful tools that make the Gmail a great luxury mailing system. To get the latest news on Gmail you can always rely on 

Some of the latest Gmail news includes:

No more Google+ 

Gmail account could be created only if the users sign into the Google+ which was implemented by Google two years back is now shelved. Now, Gmail can be easily signed in by user directly without any interface in the Google+.  The new users also have the option of using the google+ also if they need it. But it is no longer compulsory.

The signing up for new users is made all the more easy. They can just enter the details directly on to the google home page and then there is a page that asks for their wish to subscribe for google+. If the user is interested they can able this option and finish off the registration process.

Pay bills through Gmail 

The latest rumour that is most waited by the Gmail users is the bill payment feature. Pony express is the new launch that is planned by Google which will be adding on in the Gmail. All the monthly bills can be neatly organised in a single folder right in your inbox. This becomes your complete folder of your personal data too.

The payment of these bills can be done through either debit or credit cards. The payment process is handled by the third party.

Gmailify other accounts 

The latest feature of Gmail is that now you can gmailify your other email accounts too. A year back Gmail had introduced a new concept of accessing the email account of other providers like yahoo and outlook using the Gmail app.

The main benefits of gmailifying your other email account with Gmail is that you will get add on features that are available only in Gmail. Protection against spams, better organisationof the inbox and so on. These can be accessed without any kind of change made in the other accounts email address.

It is a simple step of first downloading the gmail app. signing into the Gmail account will be the first step. After this every app will have an icon called gmailify which can be clicked. Once you enable the gmailify icon you will be able to select from other email accounts that you wish to integrate. It is also easy to de link the same whenever you wish in the future.

This kind of flexibility is phenomenal and creates much more versatile email box for businessmen.