We all know that today is the fastest train Shinkansen, but no longer predicate it will be replaced by newcomers, namely Maglev:

As many people know, the fastest train in the world is from the Japanese Shinkansen trains. Trains are often also referred to the bullet trains have a maximum speed of 320 km / h.


However, the position seems to have replaced a Shinkansen train had just undergone testing speed on Tuesday (21/04) ago near Mount Fuji. In these trials, the train called Maglev (magnetically levitated trains) is capable of racing as fast as 603 kilometers per hour, and broke the record as the fastest train in the world.

Maglev trains are owned Central Japan Railway (JR Central) uses magnetic levitation technology. train technology was shifting weight of the rail train and then moved by magnetic forces generated electrically.

JR Central said the company will start to serve public transportation between Tokyo with Nagoya in 2027 later. With a distance of Tokyo and Nagoya, which reached 280 kilometers, by using a Maglev train, then the distance that can be traveled only with a time of 40 minutes.

Although fast, but the passengers will not be able to enjoy a world record speeds reaching 603 km / hour. Because the company gives a maximum speed of 505 kilometers per hour, if the Maglev train will operate to serve public transportation. Hopefully prioritize passenger safety for all passengers safely arrived at the destination respectively. Thank you.