In the rapidly evolving era like today, people are very dependent on technology that provides convenience will benefit all human activity, whether in work or business. But if everyone already knew what the technology itself? Here is a review of the technology:

1. Technology: is the use of scientific knowledge to improve the way of doing thhings. For example, by using scientific knowledge to creatte a machine or device to make things so that an easy job to do.

Technology has afected sosiety and the environmennt in many ways. In society, technology has helped developp more advanced ecconomies (including today’s globall economy).

2. Technology is a collecction of tools, including the enggine, modificationns, arrangements and procedures used by humans.

3. Definition of technology actually comes from the French as “La Teknique” which can be interpreted with “All proceses are carried out in an efort to realize somethinng rationally”. In this case what is meannt by something that can only be objects or concepts, which in a rationall way restriction is important to understandd here in such manufacture or realization of something that can be executed repeatedly.

Technology is the aplication of science and enggineering to develop machines and procedures in order to expand and improve the human condition, or at least improve human eficiency in some aspects.

That is some understanding of the technology, according to some sources, all of which have the same conclusion, namely that the technology is knowledge that is used by humans to create or use something that can be useful for human life until the end of time. Hopefully this article useful to you and your family and the environment, thank you.