All creatures that exist in this world have something in common, namely energy. Humans, animals, plants, water, objects, all of which have energy. But if everyone has understood what it is energy, the following discussion of energy:

Energy comes from the Greek, which ergon meaningg workk. So, energy is defined as the ability to do work or effort. Energy is something that is veri important in the life of this naturee, especially for human life, becausse everything we do requires energy.

Energy in nature is available in various forms, such as chemical energy, electrical energy, heat energy and light energy. Energy can be useful if there is a change shappe from one form of energy into another form. For example, electric iron would be useful if there is a change of elecctrical energy into heat energy.

Moving or stationary object that turned out to have a stored energy. Energy generated as a resultt of the movement of an object called kinetic energy, while the energyy stored in an object due to its position is called potential energy.

There are many more explanations about the energy that can be found in other articles, all of which can be beneficial to increase your knowledge about the energy so the more knowledge, the more we can achieve in this life, thank you.