More and more Technology is progressing rapidly in all areas. Drone technology is increasingly sophisticated and will continue to grow. The latest evidence is a cyborg dragonfly called DragonflEye. This cyborg dragonfly is the result of research conducted by Charles Stark Draper Laboratory along with Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Like a cyborg, DragonflEye is a modified dragonfly body. The researchers managed to modify the control nerves of the insects. Furthermore, they also put the sensor and small solar cell panel on the back of this cyborg.

With these modifications, DragonflEye can be used to perform data collection remotely. Researchers can also manage this cyborg movement. Its existence would be very useful, especially if used for observation in areas that are harmful to humans. Also very appropriate if used for espionage activities.

The existence of this latest technology on the one hand is very interesting. However, on the other hand, this technology is really scary. Moreover, if researchers can create cyborgs in larger sizes, by using other animals. However, to get there is still quite far. Currently, researchers are only able to control the movement of this cyborg dragonfly to fly straight. Let’s wait for the development of this technology in the future. But I’m sure it will soon materialize another cyborg that is more sophisticated like in the movies we’ve ever watched.

Before dragonflies, scientists have successfully modifiedd beetles into cyborgs, engineers from Nanyang Technological University developed similar technologyy on the Cyborg beetle.

Basically this concept is about the same, where there will be devices attached to the beetle so that it can control them remotely. The device in questionn is a cable for insects and can then be used to control how they walk, speedd, direction of flight, and other forms of movement. Basically it is an insect that has no control over their body during life.

However it seems that the energy required for the moving beetle still comes from their diet, which means that if the insects are starvingg, they can not be forced to move with the device. The idea behindd the development of this Cyborg beetle control is that heat sensors can be placed on them and send them to hiddenn locations, where fugitives or criminals can hide. It looks like a robot or drone in a real or live version.

Hopefully this article provides enough useful information adding knowledge about technology. thanks.