Do you know about the history of Nuclear created? I am sure there are those who do not know. Most people will immediately think of a deadly weapon ketka hear the word nulkir, whereas Nuclear many potential uses for the advancement of technology, the following review:

In 1934 a scientist named Enrico Fermi conducted experiments in Rome which proves that neutrons can break some kind of atom.
In 1938 the German scientist Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman firing neutrons of the elements radium and beryllium to uranium he was surprised to find the lighter elements such as barium in the remaining ingredients.

Prior to publish their discoveries contact Lise Meitner in Copenhagen who also worked on Neil Bohr and Otto R. Frisch. When Meitner perform the experiments he found that the results of the reaction mass of the reaction product is less than the mass of uranium that is used. Meitner then use Einstein’s theory that menyebutan mass turns into energy.

Around 1939 Bohr shared with Einstein about the discovery of Hahn-Strassman-Metner. Bohr also met with Fermi in Theoretical Physics conference in Washington, they discussed the possibility of creating a chain reaction that breaks down the atoms and generate energy.

Scientists believe they can make the reaction so long as the amount of uranium is enough to create a chain reaction, or so-called critical period. Then Fermi and Leo Szilard suggested the possibility to create a uranium reactor in 1941. The design them by putting uranium in graphite pile to make the frame box for uranium.

At the beginning of 1942 a group of scientists led by Fermi met in Chicago to develop their theory. Then in November 1942 the construction they were ready to launch the world’s first nuclear reactor which was then named Chicago Pile-1. They use Cadmium reactor to control the chain reaction. Cadmium is a metal that absorbs neutrons. Cadmium rods used to speed up or slow down the nuclear reaction nuclear reaction.

Then on December 2, 1942 they started a demonstration of Chicago Pile-1. Fermi memerintakan to regulate cadmium rods for several hours until tercapa independent chain reaction. They managed to prove their theory into a real technology which marks the entry of the nuclear era.
The first nuclear reactor is only a beginning, initially focused research to develop weapons that would be used in World War 2. The study is under the Manhattan project. The project resulted in two bomb that exploded at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Nuclear is a tremendous source of energy, that if one is in use it will be a deadly weapon, but if utilized with good intention will produce something good. Hopefully this article can be useful to you and your family, thank you.