Everyone surely knows incandescent lamps. without lights then this life will be complete darkness, only light candles will look. You also must know that the inventor of the incandescent lamp is Thomas Edison, but how is the actual history? Here is his review:

Born in the State of Milan, precisely in Ohio on the date February 11, 1847 M. 1854 his parents moved to Port Huron, Michigan. Edison also grew up there. As a child Edison could only attend school for 3 months. But the teacher warned small Edison that he could not learn in school and eventually his mother decided to teach himself Edison at home.
Thomas Alva Edison expelled from school. Incidentally mother worked as a teacher. This is done because when the Edison school, including students who are often left behind and he was considered a gifted student who did not.

In 1877 he invented the phonograpph. In the same year he occupied himself with the problemm that at that time the attention of many researchers that incandescent lamps. Therefore Edison devote energy and time, and spend the money as much as 40,000 dollars in the past two years to make a light bulb experiment. Finally, on October 21, 1879 was born the first electric incandescent lamp capable of burning for 40 hours.

However, Edison in fact not a pioneerr first, but develop an experiment thatt clarify vacuum tube lights ever designed by a British physicist, Joseph Wilson Swan.

#Light works
When the bulb is turned on, an electric current will flow from Electrical contact to the filament by passing the connecting wire. The result will be the movemennt of free electrons from the negative to the positive pole.

Electrons along these filaments are constantly going to hit the atoms in the filament. Will mengetarkan atomic energy or electric current heats the atoms.
Bonding electrons in the atoms that this will pushh the atoms vibrate at the highest levels on a regular basis. Currently, the level of energy back to normal, the electron will release the extra energy in the form of photons. The atoms are released in the form of infraredd light photons are not likely to be seen by the human eye. But when heated to a temperature of 2,200 degrees Celsius, the emitted light can be seen as well as incandescent light bulbs.

There are so many benefits of today’s incandescent bulbs which we feel, and therefore equally let us strive to maintain extraordinary discoveries of the extraordinary for the sake of a better life. Thank you