Nowadays everyone enjoy the benefits of electricity in everyday life, but if everyone knows about the history of the discovery of electricity? This article will discuss the history of the invention of electricity, the following review:

If observed from the beginning of history the discovery of electricity, the very name should be written is Thales. He was a Greek scholar who discovered the phenomenon of amber, which is an electric current that occurs when rubbed amber will be interesting feathers. Years later after the discovery of Thales announced, then emerging theories and opinions regarding electricity as by Ampere Michael Faraday; Oersted; William Gilbert; Charles De Coulomb; Joseph Priestley; etc.

Of the names of the inventors in the field of electricity above, there is one name that most have merit and is a pioneer in terms of research on magnetism and electricity. His name is Michael Faraday, who is a scientist born in the UK on September 22, 1971, in Newington Butts England. Blacksmith had a father who must provide for his ten children. At the age of 14 years Faraday had helped his family by working bookbinding and sell books. In his spare time he is also a time to read a variety of books, especially books about science; Chemistry and Physics, and others.

At the age of 20 years, Faraday listened number of lectures by well-known British scientist. Among them is by Sir Humphry Davy who is also a chemist and head of the laboratory of the Royal Institution. Each lecture that followed, Faraday always make a note conscientiously then copy it again. Copies of notes he had made with such a neat sedemekian that he sent to Humphry Davy and also attached a letter lemaran job. Attracted by his work, the dosenpun lifting Faraday as his assistant at the famous University Lab in London. Age at the time was only 21 years, truly outstanding people.

Faraday has created the world’s first electric motor which, namely a first circuit that put on the flow of electricity as a driving source object. However the notion that the discovery of primitive, but it can not be denied is the forerunner for all electric motors in use today. Since that first discovery in th 1821, Michael Faraday, who is a self-taught scientist, has become a popular name. Its discovery has been recognized to be the main gateway to the modern era of electricity.

While doing various experiment in 1831, the inventor of electricity when the magnet passed bahwasannya found a piece of wire, then the flow of electricity into the wire, which then magnetic runs. The condition was named “electromagnetic influences” that these findings also named “Faraday’s law”. The findings are findings which are recognized as historic. Why? One, Faraday’s law has great significance Dlm perpautannya with our theoretical understanding of the electromagnetic ttg. Two, electromagnetic pengerak which can be used as a sustainable manner over the flow of electric current Faraday as that practiced when making the electric dynamo for the first time.

Similarly, a review of the history of the discovery of electricity, may be beneficial to you and your family, thank you.