In the past, in addition to its size and its components evolving technologies, forms an image capture sensor on all types of digital cameras is relatively unchanged. Always with a flat square shape, the shape of the analog film sheets. However, now some manufacturers are developing related innovations form the camera sensor. Canon one of them, Canon continues to innovate in technology canon camera so that the product much favored by the photographer. Canon is currently unknown patented sensor design of curved shape.

When looked at from the side illustration intersect in Canon patent document showing the concave-shaped sensor, like a bowl, with the light catcher located on the inner side. The degree of curvature of the respective sensor can also be arranged electronically. Camera users can set how the sensor concave as desired.

Earlier, Canon has also patented a camera sensor designs that are equally curved, but not the degree of the curve can be adjusted electronically.

Similarly to what a camera sensor made curved ?. Curved shapes (concave) is basically more in line with the field of image projection lens that is concave naturally. The human eye, for example, has a curved shape of the retina at the back side, not flat as in a conventional camera sensor or film sheets.

By following the shape of the projection lens, there are some benefits generated. For example, the level of exposure across the frame (projection plane) will be the same, no different at the periphery resulting vignette effect (dark corners). The level of image sharpness will be equal across the frame.