Do you know or have seen Cortana? Cortana is a virtual assistant development results available on the Microsoft Windows 10 by default. Now the software giant has rolled out the latest update to Cortana,which is a new setting “Special Day” which can be enabled ordisabled according to the user prefensi.

Go to the Notebook option,you will see a new listing called “Special Day”, and when you select that option you’ll see Cortana offering greetings ¬†on certaindays such as Christmas or New Year’s greetings. Yes, words of Cortana is indeed in accordance with the specific date on the calendar.

As reported by PhoneArena, the feature is not only visited Cortana for all Windows devices,but also available for Android devices that have installed the application.Android users who have signed up to the pilot program Cortana for Android will receive the update.

In addition iPhone users will also be assigned to virtual assistant Cortana which will run side by side with Siri. An application in the beta have been distributed through Apple TestFlight program.Microsoft itself seems to be more interested in the Cortana than iOS version of Android, and they have a goal of keeping millions of Cortana iOS users can connect the device with the PC Windows10.

But until now unclear whenMicrosoft will launch for iOS Cortana program with the final version,because it has a lot of iPhone users are looking forward to the presence of Cortana for iOS.That way,iPhone users will also get a special greeting or ucarapn day.Hopefully this article can be useful for you and your friends.